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  • Pop Ice Block Mould

    Pop Ice Block Mould

    Ice block mould with a push on cap which

    From $1.52 To $1.74

  • Wet Wipes

    Wet Wipes

    Handy pack of 20 sanitising wet wipes wi

    From $1.71 To $1.82

  • Slate Serving Board

    Slate Serving Board

    Deluxe natural slate serving board with

    From $9.69 To $10.35

  • Neoprene Oven Mitt

    Neoprene Oven Mitt

    Protective oven mitt which is manufactur

    From $5.80 To $8.83

  • Panorama Place Mat

    Panorama Place Mat

    Reusable place mat that is manufactured

    From $3.31 To $3.75

  • 3 Piece Cutlery Set

    3 Piece Cutlery Set

    Reusable three piece food grade plastic

    From $2.07 To $2.87

  • Carabiner Utensil Set

    Carabiner Utensil Set

    Reusable plastic cutlery set which consi

    From $3.51 To $4.31

  • Bag Clip - 100 mm

    Bag Clip - 100 mm

    10 cm bag clip for securely reclosing op

    From $1.37 To $1.68

  • Bag Clip - 150 mm

    Bag Clip - 150 mm

    15 cm bag clip for securely reclosing op

    From $2.46 To $2.76

  • Adjustable Measuring Spoon

    Adjustable Measuring Spoon

    Adjustable measuring spoon with a slidin

    From $1.50 To $1.82

  • Pizza Cutter and Bottle Opener

    Pizza Cutter and Bottle Opener

    Plastic pizza cutter with a handy bottle

    From $2.42 To $2.72

  • Whisk


    Rubber kitchen whisk with a smart stainl

    From $4.71 To $6.28

  • Canvas Oven Mitt

    Canvas Oven Mitt

    Quilted cotton canvas oven mitt with a c

    From $6.18 To $7.76

  • Canvas Pot Holder

    Canvas Pot Holder

    Quilted cotton canvas pot holder with a

    From $4.13 To $5.70

  • Kitchen Scrub Brush

    Kitchen Scrub Brush

    Unique kitchen scrubbing brush for clean

    From $3.88 To $4.65

  • Budget Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit

    Budget Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit

    Compact travel sewing kit with a snap cl

    From $1.26 To $1.57

  • Handy Deluxe Sewing Kit

    Handy Deluxe Sewing Kit

    Deluxe sewing kit in a compact zip closu

    From $3.48 To $4.28

  • Basic Sewing Kit

    Basic Sewing Kit

    Neat plastic sewing kit featuring 10 pre

    From $1.45 To $1.77

  • Lint Roller

    Lint Roller

    Lint roller with a secure cap which has

    From $0.84 To $0.95

  • Bamboo Flight Paddle

    Bamboo Flight Paddle

    Wooden serving paddle which holds four t

    From $12.03 To $12.82

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