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  • Bondi Bucket Hat

    Bondi Bucket Hat

    Heavy brushed cotton bucket hat complete with a sweat band. Available in four sizes including a child's size.

    From $2.90 To $3.17

  • Sunmaster


    Cotton twill hat comes with a practical foldaway flap that provides you with increased protection from harmful UV radiation.

    From $10.35 To $10.90

  • Frayed Edge Cowboy Straw Hat**

    Frayed Edge Cowboy Straw Hat**

    From $16.49

  • Sahara Wide Brim Hat

    Sahara Wide Brim Hat

    Structured, heavy brushed cotton wide brim hat which is available in three sizes. It has a sweat band, a woven chin strap with a sliding toggle and eyelets for venting.

    From $6.11 To $6.78

  • Straw Fedora

    Straw Fedora

    Lightweight, stylish hat made from natural straw. Classic fedora shape that makes it perfect for a range of applications for both men, women and kids.

    From $6.76 To $8.00

  • Poly Viscose Slouch Hat

    Poly Viscose Slouch Hat

    No slouching in this hat – smart, tough and meets all Australian standards for sun protection.

    From $9.52 To $10.07

  • Straw Hat W/Toggle

    Straw Hat W/Toggle

    Whether it’s a backyard barbie or cricket in the park, the Tough Straw hat is cool and shady.

    From $7.87 To $8.42

  • Sandwich Brim Bucket Hat

    Sandwich Brim Bucket Hat

    A classic bucket with the stylish addition of a contrasting trim, in a huge range of colour combinations.

    From $5.04 To $5.45

  • Vortech Bucket Hat

    Vortech Bucket Hat

    Ideal for all types of weather, the unique Vor-tech ® construction is your barrier against the elements.

    From $9.52 To $10.21

  • Poly Viscose Legionnaire

    Poly Viscose Legionnaire

    For the ultimate in sun coverage, the Legionnaire meets all standards in UV and UPF protection.

    From $5.38 To $5.80

  • Rio Natural String Straw Hat

    Rio Natural String Straw Hat

    The perfect foil for the glare at the beach, the Rio String Straw is cool and smart with a contrasting hatband and lining.

    From $19.46 To $20.63

  • Surf Hat

    Surf Hat

    Perfect for outdoor activities – UPF rating 50+, heavy brushed cotton and a cord with slide toggle.

    From $7.04 To $7.31

  • Poly Viscose Bucket Hat

    Poly Viscose Bucket Hat

    The Poly Viscose Bucket exceeds Cancer Council recommendations with its wider brim and a more comfortable, deeper fit.

    From $6.76 To $7.25

  • Southerner Oilskin hat

    Southerner Oilskin hat

    The hard yakka Southerner Oilskin. Keeps you dry, comfortable and protected from the harsh weather.

    From $21.94 To $23.32

  • Slouch Hat

    Slouch Hat


    From $5.13 To $6.00

  • Vacationer Bucket Hat

    Vacationer Bucket Hat


    From $4.22 To $4.97

  • Vacationer Bucket Hat

    Vacationer Bucket Hat


    From $4.35 To $5.73

  • Buffalotruckers Hat

    Buffalotruckers Hat


    From $4.37 To $5.16

  • Sublimated Truckers Hat

    Sublimated Truckers Hat


    From $4.37 To $5.16

  • Chefs Hat

    Chefs Hat


    From $1.77 To $2.95

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